Dirk Verschueren


My name is Dirk Verschueren and you are warm welcome on this photos website with my portfolios,  a link to my blog and on the bottom of the page the links to my social pages.

The camera does look in two directions.  It is not a hiding screen for the photographer nor a wall between photographer and subject.  Photography should keep me noticing and open to the people and the world around me.   And I should help me overcome past bad personal experiences.   I photograph to be not scared, bored or defeated.  Some of my images are about daily things and daily situations. Other are about beauty.

Beside for my personal photoshoots and photoprojects these pages are created to hold the photos and the stories of my lives dream - travelling Europe in a camper photographing landscapes and people to create a visual wittness on live in 'our' Europe periode 2017-2030 for the generations to come.

I hope some images trigger your emotion(s) and that you enjoi.

And also you can buy my photos here, not just my shoot-clients or my teammembers.

Dirk Verschueren,

photographer born, breath and living in Belgium
social feeling person
aspirant EU travelling-photographer